2nd July 2018

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Music is not a real subject


cant beleve people could say music is not subject

some people say music is not a real subject

when we are young we are told that we grow up to be whatever we want

Zookeper Astronaught Rockstar

get to highschool

and we have many insparation speakers tell us to follow carres the we like and to follow our dreams

but the at the same time people are also going to say music is not subject

well what if your dream is to be a musiction

contridicting everyhing else people have told us and also the point of school is to prepare us

School is supposed to prepare us for getting jobs and for getting in unis and such and now a days there are many legit jobs in the music industry such as

  • Club DJ. Record Producer. Background Singer. Radio DJ. Conductor. Music Producer. Songwriter. A&R Coordinator. MusicTherapist. Session Musician. Recording Engineer. Music Teacher. MusicDirector.

all of these jobs need a very good basic knowlege of music and some of them need a very high music qualification but how will anyone be prapared to go into these jobs if we are not taught music at school.

points to follow

music is self expression which schools should be encouringing since up to 20% of teens experiance some form of depression before they reach adaulthood and since suicide kills more teens than anything else around the world. I also would have thought that people from new zealand  whould have thought of this seeing as new zealand has the highest rates of suicide in the world. But i guess the people who say music should not be a subject just dont care about that.

  • it has been proven over many studies with constant results that songwriting has benifts to health
  • Fewer stress-related visits to the doctor’s office
  • Improvement on a number of immune system functions
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improved lung function
  • Improved liver function
  • Improved short-term memory
  • Improved sport performance
  • Fewer work days lost to illness
  • Fewer days spent in the hospital overall

and that it also has many great benifits emotionally such as many musicions reported having

  • Improved mood/affect
  • Better overall psychological well-being
  • Less depressive/anxiety symptoms before exams
  • Fewer post-traumatic intrusions
  • Fewer avoidance symptoms.

it has also been proven that students who write og music have a higher grade point averge and since all school is is getting good grades so theirfore why wouldint schools want their students to be taught music if it is benifiting their grades in a positive way.

a recent surprising survey in the United States education board reveals that the result of the schools who does not have musical course has more number of drug addiction and criminal cases. fact checkkkkkk


i think some of the bands in our year including my own may be some of the most disorganised groups of students in the school but somehow our bands manage to write and practice origional songs and covers together to peform


this can actially be quite a struggle at times but i think it can teach students an important lession in orginisation and also in working together to write songs  can be struggle at times

also does anyone here not enjoy listening to there fav music well some of  your fav songs may never have been written if those bands or musicions had not taken music in school

the benifits that learning an instirment early on in childhood are alredy well reserched but a new study has shown that learning a music instument even when you are in your teens can result in impovved neural processing of sound and better laungage skills and can also improve adolescent brain development.




The benefits of musical training begun early in life have been well established. This new study shows that music training initiated as late as adolescence can enhance neural processing of sound and result in better language skills. In-school music training has the ability to alter the course of adolescent brain development.











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