Slowly walking down the empty street I can smell the polluted smokey air. I draw a breath and feel the chemicals enter my lungs. By now I’m so used to breathing this dirty air I can’t remember what good unpolluted air feels like. I stop my slow walk and turn around to take in my […]

Outside the cold dark grey building I can imagine the bridge stretching out as far as the eye could see. On top of the bridge the guards would be standing to attention as they do every day, their breath freezing in the cold frosty air. Around me cold grey walls are all ive see all […]

theme: regret I wish I could go back and fix what ive done. It was long ago back when I was young. I was stupid and dangerous trying to trasport myself out of this hell but I did it anyway. The rusty-red truck was old and barely worked. Beyond the jump there was a drop […]

In the play Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare the entire plot was based around fate. (Fate is defined in the Oxford dictionary as “The development of events outside a person’s control, regarded as predetermined by a supernatural power.”) Shakespeare wrote it this way because he strongly believed in fate. He used metaphors, coincidences, dialogue as tools […]

Nurse brings Juilet news of Tybalts death by Romeos hand. so Juilet tells her to bring Romeo a ring. “O find him! Give this ring to my true knight and bid him to come take his last farewell.”