9th March 2017

Metaphor in Romeo and Juilet

  • How does Shakespere use metaphor to show Romeos inner thoughts in act 1 scene 4 of Romeo and Juilet

Statement Shakespere uses metaphores to tell you what the characters mean in abstract ways. In act 1 scene 4 Romeo is talking about a bad dream he had that something bad was going to happen to him if he goes to the party and would lad to his untimley deth he says “He hath sterrage of my course, direct my sail.

  • Example Shakespeare describes Romeo as a boat by saying things like direct my sail.
  • Explanation Shakespere by saying He with a capitol H means God and that he will surrender himself to God and hope he leads him in the right path.

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  1. This analysis is clear and accurate – the only concern is a small number of technical errors: the spelling of ‘metaphors’ and some transcription errors with words like ‘death’.


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