15th August 2017

Future Dystopia

Slowly walking down the empty street I can smell the polluted smokey air. I draw a breath and feel the chemicals enter my lungs. By now I’m so used to breathing this dirty air I can’t remember what good unpolluted air feels like. I stop my slow walk and turn around to take in my soundings. Not that there’s much to take in just tall run down grey buildings lining the side of the street as far as the eye can see. From just a glance I can tell the buildings have been abandoned for a long time. I gently walk to the nearest building carefull not to make a noise. The door creaks open as I slip through. The first thing I notice is the smell, it smells musty and old. All the surfaces of the run down building are covered with a layer of dust giving the building an errey feel to it as if it has been asleep for a long time and now I have disturbed it. I shake my head this kind of thinking is useless there is no such thing as magic, but as look around at the broken down building I still can’t shake the feeling that I am not the only one here. I take another look around but everything looks the same as before, the jagged glass on the broken window in the back corner, the staircase leading up to the second floor is still missing at least half its steps. I turn and walk back out the door, standing on the empty street I wonder what am I doing here in this desolate world where it feels like I am the only thing alive. Around me dead weeds poke up through the cracks in the pavement like bones poking out of a grave. I haven’t eaten in weeks, i should be dead but i think the radiation in the air is keeping me alive. Starting my slow walk down the road again every step feels heavy as though im wading through thick moist concrete my vision starts to blur and move. I feel drunk stumbling along the road the buildings spinning before my eyes. Then I fall to the ground and as I lie there string up at the murky polluted sky I wonder, why me.

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  1. Good job Quinn ily!!! work on ur spelling but twas rather decriptive.
    a. Around me dead weeds poke up through….
    b. Slowly walking down the empty street
    c. couldnt find one

    • I think Cece is right, I don’t think there is an example of an adverbial or a relative clause in this piece. It’s a great evocative piece of writing, but it’s definitely work trying to work these in!



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