16th May 2018

Act 4 Scene 3

Outside King Edwards castle Malcom is talking to Madcuff. Malcom tells Madcuff how he does not trust him as he may be working for Macbeth. Malcom tests Madcuffs loyalty to Macbeth by pointing out how he fears Macbeth might be an unfit ruler at first Madcuff politely disagrees but eventually tells Malcom that he has they same fears. A doctor comes and mentions that he needs King Edward to come cure a crew of wretched souls. Malcom explains to Macduff how the king is very good at curing disease. Rosse comes and tells Macduff that his family are well and tries to convince him to go to Scotland. Macduff says he will and he is going to bring Siward and his army of 10000 men with him. then Rosse tells them that Macduffs family was slaughtered by orders of Macbeth. Malcom tries to make Macduff direct his sadness into anger at Macbeth.  Macduff agrees “I could go on weeping like a woman and bragging about how I will avenge them! But gentle heavens, don’t keep me waiting. Bring me face to face with Macbeth, that devil of Scotland. Put him within the reach of my sword, and if he escapes, may heaven forgive him as well!” Malcom tells him to cheer up and that a new day will come soon.

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