23rd February 2017

act 1 scene 2

Capulet and Paris are having a conversation. Paris wants to marry Juilet but Capulet says she is to young if you want to marry her make her want to marry you. Capulet then says I will have a party and i will invite lots of important people and you can get to know her there. Then he hands his servant a list with all the people on it and tells him to find the people and tell them “My house and on their pleasure stay”. I cant read though says the servent so find someone who can says Capulet and sends him away. The scene changes and Benvolio and Romeo are walking down the street Romeo still talking about Rosiline and Benvolio still trying to convince him that there are loads of other prettier girls put there when they run into the servant. Hello sir can you read? says the servant. Yea I can says Romeo. Then could you please read this for me Romeo reads the list and after wards the servant says if you are not from the house of Montigue then you can come as well. After the servant has left Benvolio says that we should go so you can compare Rosiline to some prettier girls. Ro eo says i will go but only to see Rosiline

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